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Praise for The Ghost Orchid

“Goodman’s mastery of eerily atmospheric and richly intricate plots is
nowhere more evident than in this deliciously menacing and harrowing
tale of greed and avarice, where perception is reality, and where
past and present collide with disastrous results.”

“Voluptuous…Goodman has a flair for the stylistic flourishes of romantic suspense.”
—The New York Times Book Review

“Packed with satisfying twists . . . thrilling . . . a classic page-turner
for anyone who likes to be haunted by a good story.”
—The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

“Fresh twists that keep the reader guessing until the end…a fine mystery.”
—The Denver Post

“The Ghost Orchid is a compelling read: the language is stunningly simple;
the characters believable and the plot skillfully riddled with page-turning tension.”
—The Tampa Tribune

“The Ghost Orchid is chilling without being predicatable, seductive without
being overbearing and will keep the reader guessing until the end.”
—Deseret Morning News

“Enjoy the atmosphere. And enjoy the ride; its twists and turns mesmerize.”
—Publishers Weekly

“Goodman takes crime fiction to another level with her complex plots and lyrical prose…
Her novel The Lake of Dead Languages was superb.  The Ghost Orchid is even better.”
—The Globe and Mail

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